25. May 2016


sea-beach-happy _800BE UNIQUE

Just be yourself, enjoy your life every day, collect great experiences and share them with your friends, fans and followers. Everybody is special in his/her own way. Shared fun is double fun and people who are active in social media love positive and funny news or images. Everybody has interests, knowledge, activities or experiences that are interesting for others. To plan your social media popularity right, remember a few guidelines which will help you to also use your “Popularity” economically.

  • Be authentic: fans and followers will love the genuine and they quickly realize whether your account is run with enthusiasm. Only if you really “are yourself”, with your topics and images, you will be able to run your account with joy and can convey your enthusiasm.
  • Be positive: Nobody needs more stress and anger than he already has. Statistically positive and nice posts achieve much more attention. And if you eventually want to make money as an Influencer, potential clients will especially care whether you transmit a positive message and effect.
  • Care for good quality of your posts and pictures. Quick phone shots with a bad camera or misspellings in your posts are not really appreciated. You will earn good feedback only with quality content. Advertisers expect a professional appearance.
  • Find Your Topic: An account that shows yourself in swimwear, next post your dog is in the spotlight and then you post a nice plate is not recognizable for advertisers. This eliminates the chances of advertisers notice you as qualified opinion leader.
  • Be your own Star: Ultimately, you should establish yourself as your own “Brand”, building your brand name. This will only happen if you make yourself the center of your account (or your dog, cat, etc.)

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