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Go to be special

be special

Just be yourself, enjoy life every day, collect great experiences and share them with your friends, fans and followers, because shared joy is double joy

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we make you famous

Take advantage of our Social Media Booster and interact with thousands of active and genuine social media users who are interested in you, your topics and content. Reach thousands of new followers and likes and become FAMOUS.

Go to monetize your popularity

monetize your popularity

Everybody has heard of the mega incomes of Social Media Stars. But even small influencers can benefit from free products and services. And certainly midsize “Stars” earn serious money.

Go to make money as a PARTNER

make money as a PARTNER

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OUR MISSION: We are a young Munich start-up with a (still small) team of marketing and IT specialists. For some time we are inspired of the extraordinary possibilities of social media marketing, especially in conjunction with Instagram and Twitter. By May 2016, we managed exclusively international corporate clients in every continent who need a high level of advice and personalized service in the setting of their target groups targeting. The high number of inquiries from individuals who wish to obtain service but cannot or won't afford comprehensive consulting packages has made us to develop our social media Booster Light. Thus, we have created an effective way for individuals to inexpensively develop an impressive number of social media fans. Social media awareness can be for everyone - Start NOW.

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