25. May 2016


ProfitiereMonetize your popularity:

Everybody has heard of the enormous incomes of Social Media Stars. But even small influencer can benefit from free products and services. And certainly midsize “Stars” earn serious money.

At the moment it is certainly a very smart idea to start to build a brand name in the social medias, especially if you are planing long term profits. Regularly newspapers and television are reporting of people who achieve global or regional awareness simply by their social media presence and partially achieve immense income therefrom.

But even small account holders with only a few hundred of followers are interesting to the advertising industry and classified as micro-influencer. There are already multiple platforms seeking such micro-influencer.

For influencer with thousands of (real) followers there are a variety of ways to take advantage of their reputation:

  • Receive free products (clothes, cosmetics, tickets, etc.) and free services (hairdresser, restaurant meals, etc.)
  • Selling Shout Outs (various marketplaces)
  • Commissions from affiliate marketing
  • Sale of accounts (some of our Booster users already received very attractive offers)

We inform our customers and partners regularly about new opportunities and exchange information about opportunities on our internal blog.